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Roberto Gerosa


Photographer: Agne Raceviciute

Roberto Gerosa’s work can be divided down four interlinking pathways; Historic House Restoration, Interior Architecture, Furniture Designer and Art Director for events. His main two focuses are historic house restoration and hand forming decorative lamp shades, with an experimental spirit for materials and forms, of which his style has gained ample recognition, and today the lamps are considered collectible pieces.


Within his interior projects, spaces are studied following practical needs, but always with a keen eye for style, charm and opulence; harnessing a unique sense of ease, whilst maintaining his clients’s tastes and desires. Roberto Gerosa's furniture pieces are designed and realised using high quality, precious and natural materials manipulated by trusted and experienced artisans he has worked closely with over many years.


Multiple and transversal passions, from cinema to history of art lead Roberto Gerosa to many creative experiences all over the world, from Los Angeles to Singapore, from New York to Tuscany. Today Gerosa lives and works in Milan, in his home-atelier, a sort of  bottega where he collects his curiosities: antique and vintage pieces he has discovered travel after travel, experience after experience. He re-works this grand collection into his projects and events, translating them in such ways as lamp stands, curtain rails, door knobs, table legs and more. His intriguing eye for the rare and sometimes unusual is unbound.

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